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Why is it that so many of us want to start running but never do?

We don't know how to run "correctly", so we get tired quickly. We are too busy and never find the time. We get pains after we run. We think that we look funny when we run. We don't enjoy it... Each one of us has his and her own reason, but for most, we find it hard to start running because we lack the motivation. Most of us need someone or something to inspire us!!!

Presenting Running to Fitness (R2F)™

Running to Fitness (R2F) is a one-stop-shop audio program for running beginners. It is easy to download, and compatible with all smart-phones and audio devices, and includes: motivation sessions, professional mental training, running technique guide, workout enhancing music with motivational messages, and more... Listen to some samples

75 minutes of your own running trainer, on your favorite audio device

Running to Fitness is the combination of an audio book about running + a personal running trainer. It is everything you need to start running! Motivational messages that empower you to push harder, so within a few weeks you will run at least twice as far. Running technique tips that ensure that you run correctly, avoid injuries, and continue to build momentum. Mental training, special running music, and much much more!
downloaded to your computer instantly!

Listen to a Sample:


Ashley B: "Your stuff is really motivating… I lost 7.5 pounds and run much faster since I started using it 2 months ago… thanks you guys!"

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Limited time offer- get the complete 75 minutes audio program for just $3.99

We strongly believe that you will benefit from our product, thus we offer 7 days money back guarantee.