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Archive - May 2017

A secret tip: gain an advantage in a job interview

When I interviewed for jobs, I always left the interviewer with a “goodie”: something that was of real value to the employer whether they hire me or not. This has given me a big advantage over other job candidates.
Usually, I would print the goodie on paper and leave it with the interviewer once the interview was over. This technique got me considered for jobs even when I completely sucked during the interview.
Examples of such goodies are:
• Some tweets the company can use in its Twitter account. (Make sure they are completely aligned with the style and content of the company’s previous tweets. This will make the hiring manager see that you already understand the company’s branding and culture.)
• Some blog post ideas for the company’s blog, including a bulleted list outline for each one
• Some business ideas or partnership ideas for the company
• Some ideas on how the company can increase its sales
Note: Don’t leave them more than one goodie. (For example, don’t leave them both a list of tweets and a list of business ideas.) Stick to one goodie so that you won’t appear too eager and you’ll leave them wondering what else you’re capable of.
The key here is to tell the interviewer, “I came up with these ideas while I was researching the company. I’m leaving them with you; you’re completely free to use them even if you decide to hire another candidate.” And really mean it when you say it.

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