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A weekend in Eilat – when you realize plan B might be better than plan A


In Eilat , the winter kind of feels like a summer, except there are less tourists, so the atmosphere is really chill.

After a four hour drive from Tel Aviv, I got in the city to see this stunning sunsets:

The next morning I woke up and went for a session of freediving. Was a bit tired so it took me an hour to “open up” and get to 12 m – the depth of my previous training, three months earlier. After diving 12 m I was able to add another meter and called it off for the day.

I’m still having a bit of the difficulty equalizing the pressure in my ears when I dive, but I was able to advance a bit using a new technique of keeping my cheeks full of air during the entire dive. I’m also working on improving my fin movement, so I can go deep much faster and don’t waste time fighting the body’s natural tendency to float near the surface.

Later that day we met some cool people on the beach.  They used to live in tents in a commune in the Eilat mountains, but a few weeks earlier the municipality told them they had to get out of there, so now they live on the beach. They invited us to join them for a bonfire that night and we did.

It was a small group of interesting people: David, for example, a man in his 50s who used to live in the north, got into debt and lost his house seven years ago. He has been living in his van on the beach for the last seven years. Laura, a backpacker from Australia who knew nothing about Israel before she met Israelis in India, and ended up coming for a visit. She came and fell in love with the country and has been living in a tent in Eilat for the last four months.

She said that her friends couldn’t grasp how she lived on the beach, where she could see Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, and had the most peaceful life. Laura leaves all her belongings in the tent during the day when she is away working at a restaurant, and feels certain that everything is going to be there when she gets back.

I decided that if all else fails, I can always go live in a tent by the beach in Eilat (a.k.a. Plan B).

But then I realized that Plan B was actually way better than plan A.

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