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Free diving the Red Sea

free diving satil

Just came back from a weekend of free diving! In the video below you can see me diving in a very “unorthodox” style – taking a big angle and diving diagonally rather than going straight down. This has a couple of reasons:

  1. I have a hard time equalizing pressure in my ears, thus descending slower helps me. Also, equalizing head down is harder (long story, but you have to either know how to do it naturally or master a technique I haven’t mastered yet).
  2. I don’t like descending into the nothing! I need a real reference point, like a coral reef or a wreck… not a rope. Here I am aiming for the top part of the ship wreck, at 12 meters. As you prepare for your dive, you float and rest and focus on your breathing, without swimming. There was a current and I drifted away from the wreck while prepping for the dive, so had a pretty long swim.

This sums up 3 days of:

  • Meditation and breathing exercises
  • Breath taking dives to amazing spots at a swim distance from the shore
  • A challenging physical activity that is very rewarding
  • A lot of fun

Photo and video credit – Alon Rivkind, free diving instructor and Israeli free diving record holder

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