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Life is not the Facebook feed

When you look at the newsfeed on Facebook, it’s almost inevitable to feel like a loser. It seems like everybody else has a better life. A perfect life.

It’s easy to forget that the Facebook feed doesn’t represent the world as is.

For every image of someone surrounded by friends in a party, there is someone else who feels as lonely as can be.

For every post about an amazing meal, there are at least four people eating something that’s not so tasty.

For every post by someone who just finished running 10K in an amazing time, there is someone who went out for a run but didn’t finish due to a “side stitch” or cramps.

For every image of an amazing sunset in Thailand, you don’t see the images of those who didn’t have money to fly, or had no one to fly with (and didn’t want to travel by themselves).

For every post about a wedding or engagement, there are at least nine posts that will never be written, by those who had their hearts broken, or those who are in unhappy relationships.

For every picture of family idyll, there are many moments of fighting that don’t go online.

For every post about someone who sold their startup for millions, there are 12 people who are really stressed since they might have to close their companies soon.

For every picture of “fun day at work,” there are seven people who hate their jobs.

For every airport post with “feeling excited” and “flying to”, there are three people experiencing airport depression.

For every gorgeous selfie , that at least 24 bad shots taken at the same occasion.

But as always, maybe I’m wrong.

Photo credit: Ryan McGuire


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