Roni Krakover

Maybe I’m wrong.

This post is a disclaimer. If you’re short on time – the headline is enough. On the other hand, I might be wrong. Most likely I am wrong.

Some ideas and opinions I had in the past I no longer have. Some of my beliefs today contradict what I used to believe in the past. Some of my values changed.

People I thought I’d never see again surprisingly came back into my life. Some did things I thought they would never do. I did things I thought I would never do. Some things I was sure I would do I ended up not doing.

People I thought were going to stay friends forever disappeared, and people I had nothing in common with became good friends.

I had angry thoughts that I thought would never go away, but now I can’t even remember what they were.

I used to be a shopping addict, today I’m a minimalist and don’t own much material goods. I left home and lived in places I never imagined I would live in; today I know I want to live right where I am.

And all that can change too.

Maybe in a few years I will read my posts and say, “what was I thinking?” Perhaps I’ll be so embarrassed to see all the nonsense I wrote.

Opinions, judgements and beliefs often distance us from others. Opinions cause wars, murder, isolation. They alienate friends, lovers, and families. But opinions are just opinions. Nothing more. They are not our identity, and we can change them if we like.

Anyway, I might be wrong.


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