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How to prioritize different writing projects?

If you are like me, you have tons of ideas for pieces you want to write and not enough time or energy to actually write them.

The result is often paralysis – you have unfinished blog posts, book outlines, and book chunks lying around in piles or on your hard disk, thousands of words that might never see the light of day. I feel your pain… perhaps 5% of what I write I publish. In fact, as I am writing these lines, I really hope that they will “find their way” into my blog.

But no more. I decided to increase the productivity of my writing. Move from 5% publishing rate to 20% at the first stage, and one day cross the 50% barrier. So I came up with a system to help me determine which writing projects I should focus on. Here it is:

How to prioritize your precious time and become more productive with your writing?

I created a table to compare my different writing projects. It contains important parameters such as time to completion, potential rewards, risk, etc. Below are a few examples of projects I am currently working on.

Project Time to completion Long term reward Short term Leverage Risk
Rewriting my “failing” book 3 months A new book out really fast! No leverage Perhaps no re-write can make this book good.
Just blogging whatever comes to mind NA Possibly high volume of content NA No long term goal..?
Blog about specific topic, e.g travelling NA Can be turned into non-fiction book later NA Not exciting enough
A novel about depression – I have about 30% written 5 months to first draft Niche book which could be successful on long tail Release chunks of the book on my blog, weekly Writing a book about depression is like coming out of the closet in many ways

This is the system I came up with; which of the projects above would you choose? how do you manage your content? Would love some more ideas…

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