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12 steps to master the art of napping

  1. Never feel guilty for napping
  2. The ideal nap takes no more than 30 minutes, when you’ve become a pro you will wake up naturally after 15 – 20 minutes.
  3. To induce a nap, try activities that tire your brain such as: reading, writing, studying
  4. Put your phone on silent mode for the nap. Not vibrate, silent. Flight mode is also an option.
  5. Avoid your bed. The couch is perfect, and you can also try to nap on a yoga mat on the floor.
  6. If possible, try to find a place for short nap in your workplace.
  7. You don’t choose to nap; the nap chooses you. Don’t decide to go for a nap, wait until you are taken over by fatigue and then proceed directly to the couch.
  8. If weather permits, leave the window open to absorb sounds and feel the breeze coming from the outside.
  9. A nap doesn’t have to take place in the afternoon. You can take a short nap at 8 PM after work, or 8 AM if you woke up early and are tired again.
  10. Having said that, best naps are during the day, when there’s daylight outside.
  11. When you have become a pro in napping, a short nap at any hour of the day will not disturb your night sleep.
  12. Create good napping conditions in advance – if you think you might take a nap on the couch at some point, make sure the couch is not messy so you don’t have to organize it when the need for a nap takes over. You don’t want to lose the momentum.

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