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Why Tel Aviv beaches are the best

work out at the beach in tel aviv

Free shade! I have been to many beaches around the world in which your only way to get a shelter from the sun is to pay for it.

free shade in tel aviv beach

You can work out at the beach if you want. Pumps your muscles in real time and makes you look more toned as you are walking around in your bathing suite.

work out at the beach in tel aviv

You can rent a SUP / surf board, windsurf, etc

rent sup tel aviv

And choose your favorite water activity…

rent puddle board tel aviv

Life guard station, open from 7:15 – 18:45 in the summer. Some beaches have lifeguards year round, for those brave enough to swim in the winter.

Also, fixed prices for items such as water, ice cream, sun bed, etc – so you don’t get ripped off

life guard station tel aviv beach

There’s a shallow reef and you can see some fish (most of them grey but still very cool)

snorkeling in Tel Aviv

Most beaches have a beach bar! Food is often expensive and not the best (=tourist traps), but nothing like cold beer or ice cafe to complete your beach experience.

tel aviv beach bar

Many beaches are accessible to people with disabilities – by law. The image below explains that, in 3 languages


Free fresh water to wash yourself

free shower tel aviv beach

And just wash your feet as you get ready to leave


Have a great week,

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