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Valuable Insights Gained from Two Years of Accelerating Awesome Startups

An article I wrote about lessons learned at INcubes was published on TechVibes today.

In the article I share the lessons learned and insights gained from two years of accelerating tech companies at INcubes. I am proud to be part of an organization that constantly learns on the go and seeks to improve. You can read the full article here, I’m pasting a teaser:

 A rolling model allows accelerators to choose the best companies. Our old intake model accepted companies twice a year into two cohorts, which meant we were constantly turning away excellent entrepreneurs because “timing wasn’t right.”

 Spoon feeding, in the long run, does not create strong companies. Companies can often experience an “after acceleration low” and find it hard to keep the momentum when the program ends. One of the reasons is that many accelerator programs focus heavily on specific deliverables (e.g pitch decks) without teaching companies the necessary skills to take initiative and drive themselves forward.