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How to Export Blog to PDF / Word Document

export blog to pdf or word

These instructions work for WordPress, Blogger, and Livejournal; they might work for other platforms as well but I haven’t tried.

  • Export your blog:
  1. If you’re on WordPress, in your dashboard go to tools–> export. This will save an XML document on your computer.
  2. If you are on Blogger, go to blog tools -> export blog.
  3. If you are on another platform, find out how to export the content of your blog.
  1. Upload your file into the right section according to the platform of your blog – WordPress, Blogger, or Livejournal.


export-your-blog-to-word-22. Save the PDF file on your computer.



  1. You will be asked whether you want your document to be private or public.
  2. After a few seconds you will see this screen:
  3. Click on the download button as marked, and choose between the download options: Word file, PDF file, HTML file.




  • You’re all set! If you feel the service has been valuable to you, you can donate to any of the two free services used.