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9 daily steps to bring good karma to the world

good karma
  1. Talk less, listen more
  2. Come to every meeting with the attitude of “what can I do to help you?”
  3. Instead of only going out for drinks, organize volunteer meetings with friends. Make a list of everywhere you can volunteer on a one-time basis in your town.
  4. Give an unexpected compliment to a stranger, that does not relate to their looks. Appreciate their skills and acknowledge how hard their work is; try to leave as many people as possible with the feeling of “you made my day”
  5. Give up on ego. Be the person that sees the larger picture in the argument
  6. Bring good energies with you everywhere you go; don’t expect to get them from others
  7. Do a random act of kindness – help a bug that’s been turned on its back and can’t flip back
  8. Open up to someone who seems to want to get close to you. You think they want a relationship, but you don’t? Don’t just assume. Maybe they want a friend, someone who will listen, someone who shares their interest and they can hang out with. Lose the barriers
  9. Be sustainable. Reuse your cup. Drink tap water instead of plastic bottles. Take an extra step and find that recycling bin.

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